Mayhem On The Pier


Here are some photos I took this week while I was sitting on a bench deep in thought and finishing up some writing felt someone approaching and glanced up . I saw a rugged elderly women in a bright red, worn, tattered jacket who began feeding some ducks and seagulls on a pier..this intrigued because it was out of routine, I continued observing. She climbed down some rocks to the water and began feeding two tame swans even let her stroke them..  Despite her old age she climbed back up the  steep rocks and ambled down the pier, still not satisfied she dumped the whole bag of bread, she noticed me and saw the dismay and look of shock on my face. A flock of hungry seagulls approached  and she looked at me in satisfaction.. she completed the arduous task of feeding the swans and walked off  . The Pier was no longer clean nor quiet but I had my camera, and anything in red catches my attention so I took pictures.  Image






This one was just a random one of an elderly gentlemen walking his dog.


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  1. These are absolutely beautiful pictures; though I really don’t know much about photography, I can tell that you truly have some talent! 🙂 My favourite, though, would have to be the second picture. Thank you very much for sharing! xx

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