The Hawk at the Harbour

The Hawk At The Harbour, A wonderful Short Story on a great blog. Go and check it out:)

In a small compass...

Image courtesy of Erin Waldie Image courtesy of Erin Waldie

The hawk sat on his favourite branch way up in the tree. It was his responsibility to supervise and protect Oakville, Ontario. Nearly twenty centuries ago, the higher instance had assigned him the task to guard the territory Oakville was in. For a long time, the region had been devoid of human beings. The hawk’s task was easier, then. He and the other local species communicated telepathically. The other guardians – globally spread – and he also communicated via telepathy. Typical guardians besides the hawk could be wolves, mountain lions, dolphins, ravens, occasionally even kangaroos or meerkats.

For several centuries, humans had passed through the hawk’s region, on their way to different destinations. Telepathic meetings with the other guardians and the higher instance were once a year at the most. As the human population grew on planet Earth, the guardians were summoned by the…

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