Ireland Bangor Beach






My sister took this while walking her dogs  in Northern Ireland on a little seaside beach just outside of Bangor. I just did some editing and will be sharing more of her photos from Ireland.

Enjoy and have a great evening,


Categories: Photography

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  1. Awesome photos, Erin. ⭐
    The third one has a truly magic touch. I can hardly suppress the impulse to start writing as the inspiration strikes. Hearing the Henry Girls in my mind while a story evolves…

    • Thanks for the compliment Karen, I’ll let her know. I ‘ll be flying out to Ireland for Christmas so will have some of my own then and thought having my siblings guest post will add to the blog 🙂 ..

      • These shots are truly awesome – I guess she knows that already. 🙂
        Please keep the guest posts and/or photos coming, Erin.
        If I am lucky, I can spend at least early November in Ireland.

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