Stephen King: The Craft of Short Story Writing

Stephen King


Stephen King and The Short Story: I love that Stephen still has a high regard for short story writing, in this video .  He has never been one of my favourite authors, but I have still learned a lot from reading his work and watching his interviews. Just wanted to share some of his great tips and quotes on writing short stories. If your a Stephen King fan let me know your what your favourite book is, what is it do you like about his writing style?

heres a really great quote to end the post..

Stephen King — ‘A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.’

Stephen King


Hope you liked and have a great day,


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  1. I’m not “into” the genre (I think) this author represents. Aren’t his books “a bit dark”? I used to enjoy things like “The Rats” by Frank Herbert, but nowadays I wouldn’t bother. If i want to be scared I think bout my next mortgage payment.

    • I read his work to be challenged.. The way he writes his characters and stories is so unique from other authors. It’s not my favourite genre but it fascinates me. I never used to read Stephen King until I took a Pop Lit class and that changed my perspective on his writing.

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