Autumn in Ontario : Nicholyn farms Highlights


It’s getting to the end of September, the leaves are starting to change in Southern Ontario. Last weekend, I took the opportunity to visit and purchase some Christmas gifts at Nicholyn Farms.  The gifts are for some friends and family in Ireland. I will be visiting them in December and had specific requests to bring back Maple Syrup, you can’t find it in Ireland.

Here are some highlights of my visit to Nicholyn Farms:

Nicholyn Farms is a family owned store started by Nick and Lynda . The store is now run by their son Shane and the shop has a great bakery and cafe that sells delicious soups and sandwiches.


Welcome to Nicholyn Farms, your year round choice for locally produced, organic and traditionally raised foods. Do you know where your food comes from? We do. The diversity on your plate can and should come from local producers.

You will find diverse brands and can purchase everything from elk meat, pies to maple syrup made in Ontario.



The  Quality and variety of the offered products are very impressive. It was the first thing I noticed when I walked in the shop.  I would love to share some of the unique products at Nicholyn Farms and hope you enjoy them and check out the websites.
Here are just a few of the companies that caught my eye:
“Just a Pinch is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. We supply the highest quality Sea Salts and Exotic Spices from around the work to the retail markets all over Canada”.

The website url is fantastic:

Not Yer Granny’s Granola

This company based in Barrie Ontario, creates healthy gourmet granola. The different flavours range from Pumpkin Pizzazz to Maple Me  Happy. The unique packaging popped and caught my eye, I love the website!

We knew we wanted our granola to be different than all the dry, so sad, bland granola in the marketplace.  It had to stand out in quality of ingredients and layers of what the food people call “mouth texture”, but most of all it had to have interesting & intense flavors. (Aren’t you tired of plain granola out of a box?)


The brand of ice-cream you see in the freezer is Kawathra Dairy a company based in Ontario, you can visit the website here: (I have tried the ice-cream before and recommend the vanilla)..


If you ever visit Nicholyn Farms  the workers in the shop are friendly and helpful. I also recommend trying  Millers Dairy Chocolate milk made from Jersey Milk. It’s the best, creamiest chocolate milk I have ever had, don’t take my word for it go and visit the shop.

Millers Chocolate Milk

When you visit Nicholyn Farms – make sure to stock up on the chocolate milk and maple syrup.. 😀

I hope you enjoyed this post.. this is a little different from my other posts but I had the feeling you would like this virtual tour through Nicholyn Farms.

A big thank-you to Karen she helped me edit and provided great feedback. Please go check out her awesome blog!


Links: Nicholyn Farms:




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  1. It sounds like a lovely place! I’ll definitely stop by if I ever get the chance to go to Ontario. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. xx

    • Thanks for your comment and feedback, thinking of doing more business reviews like this one:) .. Fall is also the prettiest time of year and best time in the year to visit Ontario for good weather :0)

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