Discovery: Dry Cucumber Soda..

  Hope everyone is having a great day and wanted to bring something awesome to your attention.


I wanted to share something with you quickly that I saw at the store today. Its called Dry Cucumber Soda and the packaging and unique flavour caught my eye,  its even low in acidity..  I ‘am curious…How many of you would try this?  Let me know what you think in the comments and I think it deserves a review. We shall see. Hope everyone has a great day.  It’s almost Friday 😀 a happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians.

If anyone is curious about the drink:

Nutrition calories 45, fat 0g, sugars 11g, sodium 0mg, carbohydrates 11g

Characteristics: cool, mild cucumber flavor, balanced, medium acidity



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  1. Hum.. I take it that this is nonalcoholic? It sounds interesting. I like drinks that are not too sweet, but this one has 11 grams of sugar and 45 calories, so I think I would give it a pass… The cucumber sounds good, the sweetness not so much.

    • I do love cucumbers in water for a little flavor. I’ll be honest.. I’ve never really thought of cucumber and soda as a viable combination. The problem is I know this flavour exists now…I ‘ll try it and review it. Thanks for your comment:0)

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