Crochet Bootcuffs from Northern Ireland

Just wanted some feedback on these boot cuffs and have even ordered a pair in red :0) .  The boot cuffs are for chilly days and hand made by my sister Anna Waldie from (Northern Ireland). My oldest sister moved to Ireland about seven years ago and lives in a costal seaside town and she loves knitting and crochet,  I hope she will eventually open up an ETSY account and unfortunetly she doesn’t have a shop open yet..  I ‘am working on that 🙂 You can contact her through a message on Facebook  or email her at if you would like to order some.


Anna &Erin

Hey everyone! My crocheting experiments have been expanding…to bootcuffs! I will be selling them if anyone is interested. Most of you know that I’am not the trendiest clotheshorse , but apparently boot cuffs are the ‘in’ thing! So if you would like a pair, I will be selling them for $23.00/ per pair in different colours. There is TLC crocheted into each pair by me .. I can take orders for specific yarn colours & buttons that you see posted. Ankle cuffs will be $19.00 as there is less yarn so less time! I will use the ‘C’ word in saying that they would make a great CHRISTMAS stocking stuffers (no pun intended) or for any gifts needed for birthdays. They will be made with love and shipped from Northern Ireland 😀 Shipping and handling included ~ Check out the photos below….thanks!  Colours will be put in each comment box.


Anna Waldie


What do you think? Leave a message in the comment box and looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day 🙂

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