October Days

Hope everyone is having a great week.

I ‘am really looking forward to my upcoming trip to Ireland, it will be new scenery for some awesome photos. I might even make a weekend trip to Scotland and also check out the Belfast Winter market. I’ll post pictures of the highlights.

In the meantime I ‘am in the process of starting up a small business and will be taking some photography courses in the New Year.  I’ll be posting everything here so you will be able to see the progress:0) Right now I use my iPhone and sometimes switch it up with my Canon Rebel on the manual mode and need some new challenges.  One of my goals  next year is learning how to use photoshop and one of my hobbies is eediting photos.  I have been working crazy long days lately but its been really fun..

A question to any photographers.

 What photoshop programs you prefer-Let me know in the comments  🙂



I also wanted to share what my youngest sister (Bethany) is up to. She helps mange a pre used furniture store in Northern Ireland. She got an old coffee table in recently and gave it lots of TLC.. she upstyled it into something new and wanted to share it  🙂 She did an awesome job… if Northern Ireland wasn’t so far away, I would have bought the table myself lol..

If you are interested you can check out the business and have put the links below..



Coffee Table

Who doesn’t love some Marvel and DC? for any geeks and nerds:)


My youngest sister.. she made the coffee table..

Hope you liked the post and have a great day,


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