Oh Canada

Oh Canada

The red flag against the blue sky stood out and despite it being windy and freezing it was worth the shot and wait..enjoy! I’ve been really enjoying learning how to use Adobe Lightroom5.. has anyone else tried Lightroom5? Let me know what you think of the photo 🙂

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Erin Waldie

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  1. I like how the color contrast in this picture works. If you get the chance to shoot it again, I would suggest either showing more of the pole and have the flag occupy a smaller part of the frame or you could also try a tighter shot where the flag is nearly filling the frame. Your patience paid off as you did a good job on capturing the motion of the flag as it waved in the wind.

    • Thanks for the suggestion:) Awesome feedback! Thank-you for visiting. This shot was taken only five minutes for my place so will take it again and have a before and after post with your suggestion implemented. I’ll try both suggestions and see the differences. I followed your blog and looking forward to more posts :0)

  2. Hi Erin – I like it. I have a similar photo of the US flag in SanFran when I visited many years ago. I’ve been using Lightroom for about a year now, I use it routinely but have taught myself. I’m sure I’m missing a lot and I plan to do a course sometime soon (if I can work out when to fit it in!).

    • Thanks for your comment.. what camera do you use the most? I will stop by your site and take a look! I am hoping to take a course as well on photoshop and lightroom. Photoshop seems overwhelming but am gradually picking it up. I find setting goals is good i.e.) learning one skill a week helps.. Looking forward to more of your photos:)

      • I use an Olympus OMD EM5 mirrorless camera. The details are under the extras tab on my page. One skill a week, that’s a good idea. Makes it less daunting. 😉

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