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  1. The first shot would have less “flare” if you’d moved closer and hidden the sun behind the gazebo. As a general rule (yes, rules can be broken) total saturation of one colour (bright white here) is generally considered a little harsh. If you are nearby try and take a similar shot, and then compare the results. On a Mac in Aperture you can use a “Hot and Cold” button to show where there’s possible room for more detail.

    • Interesting! Thanks for the tips… Ill go back and try it again and make a new post.. when I post the photo I will mention you and your blog 🙂 I am learning how to use adobe photoshop and its a little overwhelming but am gradually figuring it out. What photo editing software do you use? really appreciate the feedback.

  2. I love the time of day when silhouettes “come out to play” if only for a short while. I like the top photo best. Just a hint of color, but striking contrasts sets the picture up well! Nice!

    • Thanks for the positive feedback and stopping by:).. twilight is my favorite time of the day and it was picturesque (no pun intended). I will make sure your blog gets a shoutout in my next post. Anyone who leaves great suggestions or feedback will get a shoutout in the next post:0) My main goal for this blog is building interaction. Thanks again.

  3. i love the second one! the contrast is more strong and at the same time it feels like more warm or nostalgic, well , it’s what i think 🙂 btw (sorry for my poor english :s )

    • Thanks for visiting and your comment 🙂 Your English is great and always appreciate the feedback. The second one is my favorite as well, I love black and white photography.

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