AnthropologyRecently I had the opportunity to visit a shop in Downtown Oakville called Anthropology. I love browsing in this shop. This display caught my eye and wanted to share it with everyone. I wanted to curl up in the chair with an armful of books. What do you think of the photo? let me know how can I improve this post.. suggestions and feed back welcome.



This blogger left a comment and asked to see the photo with out the light spot:

Thought I would share the unedited photo:)

What do you think?

 Comments Shout Out: Gazebo

1) Dana Renee:

2) Snowgood :

3) lljostes:

Thanks for your comments and support! 🙂

Sharing is Caring

Erin Waldie

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  1. Fantastic shot; that looks like a cozy place for a read!
    Just two things, though. First of all, the light ‘spot’ over letters on the wall almost steal attention from the chair and bookshelf. Also, you could have put the armchair a bit further into the picture, almost at the bottom third, and thus making the scene even more private-looking.
    Other than that, great shot; you should be proud!

    • Cool! thanks for the suggestions.. Ill put a new shot up without the light spot and mention your comment. Ill also go back and try the second suggestion. Appreciate the comment and visit:)

    • Thanks for your support and visit ! I am a newbie taking photos not a pro by any means:) I always see the flaws in my photograph first. Its nice hearing from people who enjoy it. Ill be trying this shot in B&W ..Black and white is my favorite and plan on focusing on black and white photography.

      • Well good on you. It looks like youve got good talent. Im on day three of blogging and taking photos but im enjoying it and im hoping to see some real improvement in my images. Good luck and keep snapping x

  2. Hey Nerdy. Yeah, perfectly nice picture to set the scene. Looks like a cool room to grab some close-ups too. Do the movie thing ~ take a couple master shots and then move in for details, at different angles maybe for a new perspective. Keep it up!

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