Northern Ireland : Day 1

It’s just two days until Christmas..

I have been spending my time so far relaxing and recouping from the 15 hour trip. The highlight of the journey was the drive from Dublin to Belfast on a Coach.. it took about two hours and was able to see some scenery.  After arriving by coach in Belfast, the three of us crammed into a small car and drove to my sisters place. My eldest sister lives in a small Costal town outside of Belfast called Donaghadee.  .

This afternoon, I will be going out to explore all of the old small shops & cafes. A highlight of my afternoons is taking the dogs out for a stroll on the shoreline. I’ll bring my camera along with me so you can see the pictures.  Heres a few photographs of the house and will take more of the neighbourhood when I brave the rainy,damp weather and  go out later:)  Hope you enjoy the pictures of the house.  It’s avery big,old and frigid but we have lots of hot chocolate,tea and blankets close by 😀

Let me know what you think of the photos..





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Erin Waldie

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    • Thank you for the comment:) It’s my first Christmas here and can see myself spending many more:D The house is so cozy and haven’t been able to get out because of the rain but I ‘ll post more photos of the shops soon.

  1. Hi, just popped over to have a look, looks very Christmassy, you must be having the same weather as we are in England, cold wet and windy. Hope you have a lovely Christmas…….and all I can say about taking pics, is just to take as many as you can and try to take lots of different shots 🙂

    • Thanks:) Christmassy is what I ‘am going for. I think it is the same type of weather.. Canada gets frigid but its a different kind of cold. It must be the sea air.. it gets right into your bones. Thanks for the advice.. I will try it when I go out and about tomorrow, it will be bustling with shoppers so perfect time for street photography 😀

  2. Ireland is always very Christmassy – despite the rain. 🙂
    I love your photos, Erin. Counting the days until I can return to Dublin and Skerries (early March).
    Greetings from Central Europe.

    • Ireland is magical at Christmas time, I’ll be back again during the holiday. I’ve gotten so much writing done.. Northern Ireland felt like home on this visit and might end up moving. We shall see:)

      • Ireland is always magical. I might well end up in my beloved Skerries, one day. Or perhaps even in Galway. Makes visiting The Henry Girls at home easier. 😀

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