Day 2: Christmas Eve- Mall Photography

Merry Christmas

 My youngest sister and I where brave enough to hit the shopping mall on Christmas Eve.   You can see all of the highlights of our shopping trip:) The Bloomfield shopping centre is located just outside of Bangor in a quiet suburban neighborhood a perfect place for last minute errands. It was bustling with shoppers purchasing last minute gifts and groceries for Christmas dinner. A perfect opportunity to snap some photos and switched into stealth mode.

My favourite part of the shopping trip was getting to sample a tea cake for the first time:D

Tunnocks Teacakes are a sweet dessert with a crumbling golden shortbread base and a gooey marshmallow filling.. its covered in milk chocolate and was a delicious treat. My sister and I have learned early on if we really enjoy something.. buy extra.  We purchased two boxes at pound land. I wish I could start handing them through the computer screen so you would be able to sample some.

All of the Cadbury chocolate in the UK is cheaper then in Canada so was able to take the opportunity and stock up.


Tea Cakes

Tea Cake

Tea Cakes

TescoWhiteChocolate Yankeee Cadbury Mall PhotographyChristmas Eve Shopping Original 1

Couples Shopping

All of the photos are originals except the black and white, I’ll edit them in photoshop when I get home:)

Hope you enjoy the photos and let me know what you think.

Will talk soon,

Merry Christmas!

Erin Weald


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    • The cadbury is so cheap in the UK, love it… I’ve only had lays so am spoiled at home:) My family loves salt and vinegar so we opted for Walker:D

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