PicMonkey&Canva Review

Northern Ireland Coast

Photo by Erin Waldie:This photograph is the original image taken on Bangor Beach.

Hope everyone had a great holiday~

I wanted to share something with you that I have been working on and hope it will be helpful to any other bloggers. Canva is an awesome free website for bloggers that want to make graphics for their website.

What can you do with Canva?


with a variety of fonts and images.

Make eye catching blog Graphics, pins, flyers, business Cards, logos and more…

Heres a tutorial if your interested:)

This photo was edited with CANVA..

Explore the rugged coast of Northern Ireland.-2

I went onto Picmonkey for a few more effects.. Pic monkey offers great editing and basic design features for those who do not have time for photoshop.

PicMonkey Pros:


– You can start  a design from scratch

-Photo Collage: Combine all your photographs

-A variety of overlays and templates

Pic Monkey could be charging double but they have a pretty decent membership fee of  $39.00 per year.

Here is my final photo after Picmonkey editing~

Northern Ireland

Hope someone found this helpful and let me know which one you like better~

Sharing is Caring

Erin Weald

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