The Church Graveyard



I went back for a second snapshot:)


It was a cold and blustery Wednesday afternoon on New Years Eve .The weather didn’t stop me from getting outside and exploring the seaside village and meeting some of the shop owners.

Today, I spent most of the day snapping photographs in Downtown Donaghadee  and wanted to share some with you:)  The photograph is of Donaghadee Parish church… Tall iron clad gates surrounded the property… they where surprisingly unlocked.Some of the graves dated back to the 17th century~

I did some research when I got back and found out the stone tower was built in 1833.  the history of the parish really interesting and have provided a link if you would like to check it out. The building was built in 1626 AD .. part of the lower tower is thought to be dated back to the medieval period. St. Patrick was even a visitor to the site grounds and landed nearby. It was such a great place to visit and if you ever get a chance make a stop to the costal village Donaghadee.

I’ve included both the original and the edited photograph:)

Let me know which one you like the best..


Erin Weald


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  1. A quite interesting post. And I feel your images can be more powerful if you take a little care of your composition and frame. All the best. 🙂

  2. They are both nice photographs, but the first one hits me much more, maybe because of the snowing 🙂 It gives a nice touches… Thank you dear Nerdy! have a nice day and HAPPY NEW YEAR, love, nia

    • Thanks so much for dropping by, I like the first photograph better as well.. Hope you have a great year ahead and come back to visit soon 🙂 Always enjoy hearing from you.

  3. Happy 2015! Great shots, Erin! The second is a very nice one, ideal for travel diaries. The first one is very intense and inspiring. Seems like we’ve got a winner here. 😉

    • Thanks Karen:) I went back and wanted to get a better shot. Your right the first one is better:D I paid more attention to composition and framing this time around and it made a different. Thanks for the comment and feedback :0)

    • Thanks:) I had fun with this post and it was a challenge getting the composition right trying to find the right angle. Appreciate the comment.

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