On 53 Bond


I wanted to  make the top photograph into a watercolor painting.. would love to hear feedback. What do you think?

I took this photo this morning and thought it would make a great painting, the photo above is a rough draft. I ended up cropping for composition and went for drawing on the application sketchbook with the Intuos Pro.  Let me know if I should paint it or leave it. Please leave comments and suggestion would love to hear from you:-) ~


Have a great day,


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  1. Since this is my first time taking a look around your site, I’m unsure if you just started or not. If so, you’re off to a great start!
    This is a really well done digital painting! I’ve only done a few digital paintings here and there, so I’m not a master on that medium. But when it comes to giving feedback as a judge, I would recommend using blue for the shadows since blue is darker color, and it would also contrast stronger with the yellow numbers. I would love to see more!

    • Thanks so much for your feedback:) please feel free to comment on any future posts. I appreciate any suggestions. I will try using Blue when I remaster this one :0) Glad that you enjoyed it.. I’m always finding ways to improve as well so welcome all comments. I’ve just started digital art in Jan so it’s new to me and have been running this photography blog since last year. Thanks so much for dropping by and come back soon ~

  2. I really like how this painting has come out. Since I couldn’t find an “about” page I’m not sure if this is a hobby or if you have chosen a design/art career. That being said its great that you are experimenting ( i saw some other posts too)
    I am not much of painter but I often do digital sketches on my surface pro 3. In the above painting perhaps you could have added a little of the back wall from the picture. I feel you cropped in a little too much. Still I really like the almost dreamy quality of your painting.

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