Food Illustration: Ramen


I’ve started getting into food Illustration and wanted to share my rough illustration. I’m working on a project and am in the rough stages of illustrating.  One of the best investments I made this year was purchasing the Intuos Pro.. for anyone into photo editing,design or illustration this is an option to look into.

I’ve opted for the Corel Suite versus ADOBE, it’s easier to work with and one big difference is that it has a learning  program called Corel Essentials. Corel Essentials is fantastic to learn on for the novice artist and photographer , the price is right and available to download on the website for fifty dollars. If you are not sure try the trial version and you can test if it’s a good fit. Adobe requires a monthly membership fee and is expensive starting out ..not to mention the program is overwhelming for the novice user.   The great thing about Corel, once you have learned the basics on Corel Essentials the next step up is Corel Painter which is available for 315.00. You can learn on Corel Essentials without paying for the full program. Corel Painter  does have  30 day trial if you are more advanced in photo editing and digital art.I know I will be buying the full program when my time runs out (I love it!) . I will be using both Corel and Adobe for my illustrations and designs..   For this rough sketch.. I used Sketchbook, Picmonkey and Corel Painter.. Looking forward to getting this onto a canvas and adding more detail.

Hope this helps someone and let me know what you think

Appreciate any suggestions and feedback,


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  1. Hi Erin, this sketch is very atmospheric you can almost feel the steam rising off the food.Bowls are tricky to draw, it’s good to practise them empty so you can see the inside. Also a tip I found useful is to sometimes work on drawing the space around and inbetween objects rather than the object itself (sounds weird,but it helps). I think the text takes away from the drawing a bit and placing text on a curved surface is really tricky! Overall though I really like it and it’s making me hungry! Hope this helps and thanks for the follow. 🙂

    • Awesome! Thanks, I will keep that in mind for my next drawing.. I need more practice with still life drawings and will be adding more as I improve. Maybe have a before and after post including both sketches.. Appreciate the comment and hope you stop by again. I might have my next drawing focusing just on the bowl and the food.. Looking forward to more of your posts. Appreciate it.. Cheers:) Erin~

  2. I enjoyed your illustration! It looks delicious and warm! Like elizabeth947 said, drawing bowls is hard! I struggle with that too. Great advice on drawing space around objects! Wish I could add some more tips for you, but that’s a weakness of mine also! I am looking forward to seeing more of your sketches! Thanks for your comments on my blog earlier, and thanks for the link to your site! It’s always nice to see what others are doing! 🙂

    • Spot on.. I did a better drawing of a still life bowl and will have to share it :0) I improved it and was happier with the results. Thanks so much for dropping by and hope you visit again.

    • So yummy, I’ve never tried Ramen.. that will change though 🙂 I was inspired to draw and will have to make a post when I try it.

  3. Hello 🙂 Nice illustration. My main suggestion is to decide on a single perspective and stick with it. Currently you have two perspectives going on at once.You have the top of the bowl at an angle like you’re looking down at it but you have the bottom of the bowl in straight on front view.

    • Agreed- I want to focus on still life for a little bit- I think that would help me draw from a better perspective. Thanks for visiting and appreciate your suggestion. 🙂 It’s been even more helpful asking other bloggers then attending an art class. I’ve gotten way more feedback.

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