Digital Sketching: Part 1


It’s Saturday afternoon and I spent an hour doodling, then experimenting with digital painting.

I left my intuos pro at home so managed with just my Mac and sketchbook.

 I have no idea what I want to do with this yet .. I may completely redo this but thought I would share the sketch :0)

 I hope everyone has been having a great week:) What do you think of the painting? please leave comments and suggestions.

Will talk soon,


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  1. I like the moody colors and atmosphere you have going on here – my suggestion would be to make the lines a little bolder and more defined around the focal point, to give it more form and draw the eye to it. The blurring around the edges is nice, though, and gives the piece a mysterious, almost calming feel to it.

    • Your right, I’ll try it and spend a little time on the detailing 🙂 It was fun getting the idea out and can focus more on the subject matter and focal point. Appreciate your comment and visit:0) Interesting how digital art can completely change the look of a picture. I always enjoy getting feedback from a completely different perspective before I move onto my next step of the painting.

    • Thanks so much for commenting, I loved getting the feedback and hope you stop by again 🙂 I had fun creating this sketch and looking forward to completing the next part. I followed you & will check out your blog :0)

    • Glad you enjoyed it:) I’m looking forward to finishing this one up. I’ll be adding more detail to finish it up. Thanks for commenting and your visit, appreciate it ~

    • It will be interesting seeing what direction this painting goes in.. I always like waiting to finish and getting feedback from others before completing a project. Hope you come back and check out the final painting when it’s done 🙂 Thanks for the comment and visit~ Erin.

    • Thanks:) I had fun editing this and will be finishing it up soon, hope you will visit again and see the final painting . Loved getting your comment and feedback, thank-you.

  2. I love it, the colors and the emotions displayed in the drawing make it look like a scene from a children’s book. It strangely reminds me of where the wild things are.

  3. Thats such a great compliment, thanks:) I ‘m working on a children’s book at the moment so appreciate the comment. Thanks for following and hope you visit again :0)

  4. Thanks so much for your comment:) appreciate your words and follow, I followed you back and hope you visit again soon ~

  5. Cool painting! I like the colors you chose. Sort of moody and dark, in a really cool way! I personally prefer cool colors to warm colors. What program did you use for this sketch? I prefer to use Procreate, but I know a lot of people prefer Photoshop.

    • I’ll be honest.. I used a combination of programs:) Corel Painter which works just as good as ADOBE and its cheaper, Sketchbook and PickMonkey works great for certain effects 🙂 I’ve never tried ProCreate do you like it? For me I say whatever program is the best fit- go with it.

      • Procreate is a lot like Autodesk’s sketchbook pro, and photoshop mixed. It works on an ipad, is super reliable, and only costs seven dollars. I like it because I can use it anywhere, and it costs a LOT less than Photoshop, which, from what I’ve seen, can get up to a thousand dollars. How much are the programs you use? I’m trying to find good programs that don’t cost a fortune. Personally, I prefer using real life pencil and paper, but digital art has it’s perks.

      • I’m the same way :0) , some days I just prefer the old school method and pick up a pencil or paint set .. same with writing and have only recently gotten into digital art for my book. Corel Paint Essentials is great to learn on and is $50 for the program.. Pic Monkey is $33 a year and a small amount per month, I use it with programs like sketchbook. I hear ya about not wanting to spend a fortune on expensive programs, Adobe is pricy and has an overwhelming interface to learn on even with tutorials. It’s great for some people though. Corel is easier and not as expensive, it’s not as well known but it gets the job done. I’ll have to check out Procreate thanks for the info 🙂

      • Thanks! My favorite tools are Pencils, Watercolor, Micron Pens, sometimes colored pencils and on rare occasions, charcoal. I like to try new styles and new tools a lot. But somehow I always end up returning to my favorite style, Fanart. :3

    • I love your work and looking forward to seeing more of it 🙂 thanks so much for your comment and visit, really appreciate it.

  6. Hello, and thanks for following my blog. I’m only 12 years old, so it is always great knowing that adults like my drawings. I’ve done some experimenting with digital art (I have an android tablet and a homemade stylus), so I find the combination of pencil sketch and computer effects interesting. I also like the atmosphere created by the computer effects.

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