Quotes on Writing: Roald Dahl


Thought you would enjoy a quote and an interview from writer Roald Dahl.  Dahl was most famous for his childrens novels but he also wrote some fantastic short stories, you can read one by clicking on one of my favourites:  A man From The South.  I also wanted to share a five minute track by an Ambient musician Brian Eno.

I designed this graphic with a combination of programs Canva, Sketchbook,  Wacom, Corel Painter and yes Pic Monkey🙂

Let me know what you think and hope you enjoyed the post.





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    • He’s one of my favourites.. I find the authors life story is even more interesting then the books they write 🙂 He was pretty great and glad you enjoyed it. Thought the interview would add a little extra to the post. Thanks for your comment and visiting :0)

  1. Okay, I have loved Brian Eno since the early 80s and Talking Heads was the only thing that would soothe me (yeah, right?!? Ya know you are really dysphoric when Talking Heads is soothing lol).

    I soon went on to pursue Brian Eno’s solo projects and I think it goes well here.

    I will read this short story, though not right now as I am in the middle of a spree of poetry and I must strike while the iron is hot, but again, thank you so much for the visit and the follow.

  2. Lovely post, glad you introduced me to your blog, and thank you for visiting mine, looking forward to read more on yours. I used to work in the library and Roald Dahl was so very popular among the children especially, it was always nice to see, his stories are great.

    • Glad you stopped by and thanks for taking the time and visiting:) Dahl is still popular and glad to see film directors are still making movies based on his stories. His books are timeless and love Charlie and the Chocolate Factory :0)

    • Thanks for sharing the Roald Dahl post and glad you enjoyed it 🙂 If you thought the first part of the interview was good, you should watch the second part. Hope you visit my blog again soon :0) Erin~

  3. Thank you for sharing the Roald Dahl interview. I enjoyed it very much and it put a big smile on my face to hear him speak about imaging winning wimbledon etc.. (I adore Quentin Blake). Invaluable advice to stay at the work regardless of weather or not it is going well. Interesting to hear that he stops at noon no matter how its going, after only 2 hours! I like the structure of that and how wildly comforting that you could make great work showing up 2 hours a day . (of course there is all of the everything else of taking care of the work and communicating with the world, shipping the art, but still the two hours sounds freeing.) also the stopping when you know what you are going to say. And the reward of showing up day after day day after day.

    • Thanks for the comment and visit. He’s pretty structured and dedicated. I would love the freedom to be able to have that flexibility, but working full time doesn’t give me two hours a day like you said to spend just on writing. So I dedicate an hour before I go to bed and get all the ideas out of my head otherwise they buildup and go sour. I like that he kept his lifestyle simplified and structured even after he was famous . He gives great advice, the second video is even better 🙂

  4. I like the graphic you designed very much! It took me a moment to see the girl sitting there in it 🙂 Also, you’re quite right that Dahl is better known for his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory than the short stories. It’s funny, isn’t it, how we do so many different things yet one or two of them are the ones that people identify us with. I hope you are having a nice Sunday!

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