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Photo Of The Day

This photo was taken up at a farm field in SpringWater Ontario located just North of Barrie. Whenever I leave the GTA, the first big noticeable change is fresh air, winding roads and rolling hills. I’ll be spending some time here this summer finishing up a book so you will see more photographs.   Let me know what you think of the photo 🙂

Comments,Tips and Suggestions are all welcome~


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  1. Nice. I know what you mean about the fresh air. Toronto air is ok in the winter but when the C.N. Tower looks yellow through the haze you know the air sucks.

    • I hear you on the haze in Toronto, you wouldn’t think it would make a big difference being an hour away but it does. I enjoy the GTA, but go for the fresh air, it’s a good spot for writing. Thanks for visiting and the comment.

    • I ended up with lots of good ideas and even got started on a painting which will be posted soon. TY for the comment and dropping by.

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