New Business Card


I decided to design my own business card using Pic Monkey Royale. I’ll be redesigning it when I get more ideas, I wanted to go for a minimalist look this time and wanted to share it with you.  What do you think of the card? Would love to hear any suggestions, tips or comments :o)


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  1. Hi! I think this is really lovely and truly represents your personality. The “drawing feel” on the lightbulb adds a more personal touch. One thing tho, perhaps you can move the text a bit to the right? To give balance to the overall compostion.

    • Awesome, Thanks for the tip 🙂 I’ll move the text over a little and share the results when finished.

  2. I agree with the suggestion of moving the text a little to the right. Is colour a possibility? I understand minimalist, but yellow, maybe? I am trying to be con-stuctive here rather than de-structive. It’s better than anything I could come up with!

    • Thats a great suggestion, thank-you. I’ll see what I can do and add a little splash of yellow to the bulb. I was thinking of adding colour when I designed it..

  3. I like minimalist cards that are clean and easy-to-read. How big is the font under your name? It looks a little small for (aging) eyeballs like mine to read. LOL. Also, honestly, I don’t like font choice for the “Eureka”, graphically. It gets lost/overwhelmed by the darker/bolder lines of the light bulb. Maybe pick something with more…impact? It might just be me, but it seems a little too soft and delicate for the word Eureka(!). Even though in manuscripts I am dead set against the overuse of exclamation points…maybe add one of them to “Eureka!”? What do you think? Feel free to give me feedback on my comments LOL–thinking about taking some classes in graphic design to build on skill set I already have 🙂

    • Thanks for your feedback, good points. This is my first draft so have room to make a few changes. You should take courses, I am taking a few courses in the fall. I love Graphic Design and quickly realizing the benefits of using picmonkey and adobe when blogging. ~ PicMonkey has it’s limitations but thats where Adobe comes in – all in all it’s a great service.. I agree with your point on “Eureka” font. Still in planning phase for my card and will keep everyones suggestions in mind. I also agree with your point on my name.. sometimes it takes a second set of eyes to help make something even better. Thanks for your tips. You will see the changes up soon 🙂

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