5 Blogs Fridays



Hi Everyone,

It’s that time again... Here are my 5 Blogs and hope you enjoy the post 🙂 I decided to incorporate Soundcloud into the post, one of my goals was to make interactive a top priority.. SoundCloud is a good medium for those who are not quite ready for youtube or vlogging. It’s free –so you can check it out. I love finding out about different artists and music I wouldn’t normally hear.  Lets get started on 5 Blog Fridays 🙂 I have included links for you to visit the blogs if you wish and you can listen to my Soundcloud Clip posted above.

1) thedarkroomnerd.com – Photography: Love the photography- clear and crisp images…

2) brittabottle.wordpress.com – Lifestyle: Very authentic in her posts- enjoy her writing style.

3) photographyofnia.com  – Digital Art: Stunning digital artwork, very unique style.

4) http://bluchickenninja.com– BookReviews & 52BooksList:I spotted Neil Gaiman on the list :0)

5)  lipuster.wordpress.com – Comic Book Artist- I’ve shared his artwork on Pinterest and can tell it’s his work. Very creative.

Travel Blogs: travelsandtomes.wordpress.com –  I shared this one last week, love all of her posts..

Once I get a better idea on the outline and structure you will see more information .. I will keep it simple for now and you can watch it grow over time.  Hope everyone enjoys the post:) Let me know what you think. Yay or Nay?  Comments and suggestions are all welcome :0) If you are new.. please take a look around and would love to hear from you.

Will Talk Soon,


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