Designing On PicMonkey

Eureka Quote

I have been wanting to make tutorials for a while, today I decided to take the plunge. This video will be an easy step by step tutorial sharing how I make my Quote Graphics on PicMonkey.  You can sign up for the free trial version on PicMonkey and please let me know if you have any questions or comments 🙂

I use Pic Monkey all the time .. today I ‘am just going to share the basics and if you like it I will make another tutorial sharing more tips and tricks.  I was super nervous making this one so apologies for any mistakes.. this is my first tutorial and hope it helps someone out. I’ll include more steps in future tutorials if you enjoyed this video 🙂

Pic Monkey is great for those who don’t have time or might not be ready to use Photoshop.. it is really reasonable in pricing and its very easy to pick up. I do pay for Pic Monkey and it’s only about $5 per month.. I use this site for graphics on my blog and it has driven traffic from pinterest. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.. ask away 🙂

Thanks for Watching~


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    • It’s pretty awesome 🙂 I enjoy Adobe but it’s pretty pricy and Pic Monkey gives more range for the price.

  1. I use picmonkey, too, but the trial version so I do not get to enjoy all of its features. Aside from that, sometimes, the feature I want to use just conks out. Other than that, I think picmonkey is pretty good. I’ll check your tutorial later to see how Picmonkey really works.

    • It can be finicky.. for example it can crash and lose my work. Canva has a great program because it saves your work automatically. Pic Monkey is a good website for bloggers who want basic design and photo editing options 🙂 Looking forward to exploring more of your blog. Thanks for dropping by.

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