The Sailboat

Photo Of The Day



My photos always turn out differently then expected..  This photograph was taken down at Bronte pier and its almost moody. I saw the branches and thought it would frame the photograph.  What do you think of this one? Would love to hear your thoughts. I took this on a Canon Rebel T3I and have been enjoying the camera. Looking forward to investing in some better lenses.


I’ll be taking short day trips this summer to small towns and cities in Ontario by train. Exploring Farmers Markets, shops in downtown Toronto and hope you will stay tuned :). I’ve been craving a beaver tail for a long time so this is a good opportunity to try one~  If you have been to Canada try Beaver Tails.. it’s the most amazing pastry and everyone should try them at least once.  My favourite part of Ontario during the summer months is Prince Edward County and Point Pelee which has an amazing National Park.  Looking forward to more travelling.

Does anyone have any tips or feedback?

Let me know in the comments and stay tuned :0)

Erin Waldie

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