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Stephen King- The Shining

Published The Shining in 1977

The Stanley

King wrote The Shining during his stay at a historic hotel located in Colorado, after hearing ghost stories and hauntings he was inspired and put his pen to paper.  I thought you might enjoy this interview from BBC NEWS interviewing Stephen King.


A few years ago I took a Pop Literature class and we covered Stephen Kings, The Shining. It was one of those books I read with a flashlight but never really studied it in depth. It’s packed with great stuff and could talk for hours, since this is a quote of the day I’ll keep it on the short side. For those who have never read The Sining, you might be interested in hearing what Stephen King has to say about the horror genre.  I always pull this novel out in the summer, reread it and enjoy it every time.

Rollings Stones: “By writing horror novels, you entered one of the least respected genres of fiction.

Stephen King: Yeah. It’s one of the genres that live across the tracks in the literary community, but what could I do? That’s where I was drawn. I love D.H. Lawrence. And James Dickey’s poetry, Émile Zola, Steinbeck . . . Fitzgerald, not so much. Hemingway, not at all. Hemingway sucks, basically. If people like that, terrific. But if I set out to write that way, what would’ve come out would’ve been hollow and lifeless because it wasn’t me. And I have to say this: To a degree, I have elevated the horror genre”.

Source: Rolling Stones Interview With Stephen King

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