Photo Of The Day


Enjoying the  summer and have been soaking up the sunshine, I’ve been getting out everyday and feel amazing..

I’ve been focusing on atmospheric photography this year. I wanted to share a really great blog post called Capture The Atmosphere and hope you enjoy it. I’ve been realizing how fast I have to be at spotting a picture otherwise it’s gone and regret not taking it.  What do you think? Would love to hear comments or tips below.

Erin Waldie

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  1. Thanks for a lovely photograph, although it looks from the gloves and coat that the gentleman doesn’t really believe summer is here. You are right about a picture that is suddenly gone and you regret not taking it. Two days ago, I sat at the computer and watched Mummy bird on a branch ten feet away feeding her two babies. I was so entranced, I forgot I had a camera!

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