Top 3 Pinterest Pins

These are my top 3 pins of the week and wanted to share them with everyone who wants to see.This post is essentially  a whole lot of randomness – you have been duly noted :0)  I enjoyed writing the last one.   Take a look. 

Peace is Cheaper

Photographer unknown

 Top Pinterest Pins #1

Saw this floating around on Pinterest and loved the grainy Black and White vintage photograph. If anyone knows the photographer please leave a comment, I’ve tried hunting the name for credit sourcing.

Top Pinterest Pins #2

A very young Steve Martin on The Tonight Show with host Johnny Carson. What’s not to like?  This clip is pretty hilarious.

Top Pinterest Pin #3

I just discovered a fantastic Artist who draws on post-it notes and love the creativity. I wanted to spread the word and I just might try this on my commute. Take a look at his blog if you have a moment, he is pretty talented~

John Kenn


Hope you enjoyed the Top 3 Pins post. Let me know what you think 🙂 

Erin Waldie

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