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  1. Just curious–are you an INFJ, Erin? I am, and I know they’re far and few.

    This is a fantastic quote, too. It’s so easy to lose faith in humanity with all the terrible things ones sees in the news and such. That said, the terrible tends to overshadow the good in this world and it’s so easy to forget that there’s so much good happening all over, all the time.

    • Yup, a fellow INFJ’r and when I took the Briggs Test everything made sense. I had originally thought I was INFP but didn’t quite fit. The quote stood out and I think the focus tends to be on bad news because it shocks people. The good happens and it’s refreshing seeing it.Great connecting to other INFJ’s 🙂

      • I tested as an ISFJ once, but retook the test a year or so later and tested as an INFJ–and have consistently tested as that since then. Everything about being an INFJ really does make sense to me, too. It’s like, I always felt a little out of place in the fast paced, extroverted world we lived in and after doing a lot of research on the INFJ, that misplacement makes sooo much sense.
        I love connecting with fellow INFJs, too. We’re a small group and must stick together! 🙂

      • I tested as different as well but it didn’t make sense and finally got the INFJ , that result clicked. Always thought I was crazy being able to Read peoples emotions and the whole introverted intuition in all 🙂 Fascinating stuff and even better when it is used with psychology. Agree we must stick together because it’s hard connecting with other INFJ’s in every day life :0)

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