Fall In Ontario: Hand Drawn Signs – Taste Marketeria

 I would like to share this amazing hand drawn sign from a new market in Oakville Ontario called Taste Marketeria . Stores have been putting up fall displays and wanted to share the creativity. I notice the small details and will be making another visit to explore the interior of the store and take a look at the  fresh produce and deli. I’ll be sharing the photo’s  and hope you enjoy this post :0)  If interested in finding a little more about the company you can reach them at (Mobile ) 905-582-4755.



I have decided to add Google Maps as a regular feature on my blog to make it easier for people to find the locations I visit. Let me know what you think. 

Erin Waldie

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  1. I think using maps would be an excellent idea. I have to think carefully exactly what is Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario and so on. Names mean so much less to a foreigner. (And shop displays are a lot more interesting to a foreigner than you might think)

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