Penticton: “A place to stay forever.”

Hope everyone has been doing well :0). October has brought a whirlwind of activity and I wanted to share, in medias res, some highlights of my trip to the Okanagan Valley, located in beautiful British Columbia. If you decide to visit Canada some day, British Columbia is one trip you won’t forget. I’ll start off today by sharing some highlights of my current trip to Penticton.

Wine Country

Penticton  is a small tourist city situated between two lakes in the Okanagan Valley. During summer months the population can almost triple with events that draw crowds from all over Western Canada.  The road trip from the airport in Kelowna, just to the north, provided fantastic views of the mountain terrain and Okanagan Lake. Thought you might enjoy a photograph taken en-route.


Below is a Google map displaying the route from Kelowna airport to Penticton.


In Ontario you would see cows, a lot of cows. In the Okanagan Valley it’s grapes, grapes and more grapes! The Okanagan is known for its wide variety of grapes and has many amazing high quality wines.


I’ll be sharing a little more about my wine-tasting experience in the next post, for those of you who are interested. For now, here’s a photograph from last night. Such a gorgeous sunset! I love going to this lookout every time I visit. By the way… This photo has been lightly Photoshopped. 


I’ll be visiting more top spots of Penticton over the next couple of weeks and sharing photographs of a few of the wineries here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and I would love to hear what you think,Erin Waldie


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  1. Seems like you had an amazing trip, Erin. 🙂
    Your photographs are awesome; it is obvious why you called Penticton ‘a place to stay forever’. I am looking forward to learning more.

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