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Once a month, I’ll share a post with some top blogging resources and hope that these tips are helpful for anyone blogging  or aspiring to start a blog.





One thing that I enjoy about Pic Monkey is how intuitive it is to navigate around the menu section and how easy it is to pick up.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.49.34 PM

Tutorials are easy to find on youtube and I’ll also  give you a quick overview of one of my favourite features called “Orton”.

Pic Monkey



You can do more then edit photos on Pic Monkey.

One of my favourite things about Pic Monkey is the font selection. When designing a blog post layout. PicMonkey fonts can help add a finishing touch to your photograph or post. Below is just one example of how images can spruce up your blog post.

Find the font that best suits your style and brand. 



Consider how much time you have for photo editing.

Pic Monkey can act as a standalone photo editor or it can also be used together with photoshop. It depends on what you want to use for.

Pic Monkey can get the job done quickly with practice..

Photoshop might seem overwhelming for those who are not familiar with photo editing. If you have photos to edit. PicMonkey could be a good fit. Try it. The Pic Monkey free trial allows thirty days to try the Royale.

Trial PM



Let’s talk numbers.


Pic Monkey changes its prices but it is still a less expensive photo editor then photoshop.

Take a look at the prices below.

PicMonkey 2016: Prices may change
Annual: $3.58 CAD/month, billed annually ($42.99CAD)
Monthly: $6.99 CAD/month, billed monthly

The Creative Cloud Photography:Prices may change

Costs US$9.99 per month


5)Photo Editing Effects


Today I’m going to show you how you can edit your photo using the “Orton,” effect.

“Orton is PicMonkey’s #1 effect, used on 2.3 million pictures in the last month.”

Take look at this video below. In this video I’ll show you:

1) The Orton Effect
2)Adding a frame around your photo
3)Adding text to your photograph

Do you use Pic Monkey? If so what is your favourite feature?

Would love to hear from you!














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