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Where The Wild Things Are

  I’ll eat you up I love you so. 

Author: Maurice Sendak

Wanted to share a drawing from my notebook. Maurice Sendak is one of my favourite children’s authors.  I’ll be sharing a few facts about writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. Let me know what you think.


: June 10th, 1928

Book: Where The Wild Things Are~

Published: April 9th, 1963

Publisher: Harper&Row

Sold: Over 19 million copies(2009)

FunFact: Sendak sent a drawing to a young fan. The boy loved it so much, he ate it. 


  1. Mental Floss Article
  2.  New York Times Article

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      • I can do my own impression of Walken reading the story. 😛 I have actually lost interest, though, after seeing the strangely heavy and adult film made about the book. They added all sorts of sexual and divorce content that might have traumatized some viewers expecting a simple, charming trip through an imaginary jungle with a restless kid in his PJs.

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