Hello all,

Hope you are having a great weekend or great week whenever you are reading this.

Check out my last Quote of The Day. I also want to take a minute and share a quote that caught my interest on Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite sites.

I took the photograph in Winnipeg aka (Winterpeg) in late May. Surprisingly, I didn’t get bored and appreciated the variety of musicals playing in the city. One show I’m looking forward to attending is Peter Pan. I ‘m looking forward to checking them out next time I visit. It’s a city that is guaranteed to provide snow, blistering hot summers, Winnipeg possesses its unique charm. If you want to check out my Winnipeg Photography, it will be below the quote of the day.



I’ll start off with the ice cream. I’ve named this one of the top ice cream shops in Winnipeg. Tourists have a variety of flavors to pick from not to mention the creamiest shakes on a hot summer day. I wish I could pick this little drive in up and transplant it in my hometown. No such luck. Hope you like the photography.

Bridge Drive In.JPG

Bridge Drive In

The delicious sunday featured below is Saskatoon Berry.  Hope you like the photography

Saskatoon Berry Sunday


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