Hope everyone has been doing well.  It’s early November, I popped into the cheese shop on Sunday, Nov 13 to pick up a few gifts. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my visits to unique shops in Ontario and wanted to share a trip to Farmhouse Artisan Cheese Shop in Oakville. Here are some of the highlights from my visit to Farmhouse Artisan Cheese.

 Farmhouse Artisan Cheese Boutique is a small shop owned by a family in downtown Oakville. The owners carefully select the best cheeses from France, Spain, Italy, Britain and Canada.

“I’ve always embraced good food, cooking and entertaining but add to that, a special passion for cheese. In addition to sampling countless types of cheese over the years, I’ve been studying cheese for quite some time now, including taking courses abroad and at home. Enter Farmhouse.”

Grilled Cheese.jpg

  I would also like to share a picture of the shop’s exterior. I visited the store on a blustery morning so you might see a little more shadows.


The first thing I wanted to highlight was the selection of cheeses.


A lot of care and time is put into ordering the best cheeses from different countries around the world. With the colder weather approaching, I wanted to share something that caught my attention. The grilled cheese menu 😉 I couldn’t resist and had to try one.


I appreciated that the owner put thought into the bread quality as well as the combination of flavors should be most pronounced in the cheese.  I chose “The Local Grilled Cheese,” and couldn’t wait to test the handcrafted artisan cheese  Five Brothers.   If you are interested in learning more about Five Brothers and the story behind Gunn’s Hills, it’s a unique business in Oxford Ontario.


Next, I was able to look around while waiting for the grilled cheese at the wide variety of products in the shop. I would like to share some of the products that caught my eye and will also list the websites below the photographs.


Makers&Merchants is a company that creates Mulled Wine Syrup with care.

The syrup contains a blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Elderberry Juice.

Add it to the gravy, pour it over ice-cream.


 I noticed that mice seemed to be everywhere. Thankfully not real ones but ornaments.


To get even more festive, I’d like to share something that caught my eye.

Cranberry Sauce with Port.

Mrs’s Bridges is a company based in the United Kingdom.

Mrs Bridges… Cook… or Kate to a very select few, began her life ‘in service’ as an under cook to ‘respectable’ families in the countryside of Victorian England.


The next thing that caught my attention. Charcoal Squares! Before visiting Farmhouse, I had never heard of Charcoal Squares. I visited the website The Fine Cheese Co and found the description for anyone interested.

“All-butter, with a crumbly texture and delicate flavour that makes them a natural and gentle partner for any cheese.”


When you visit Farmhouse Artisan Cheese, make sure to order a grilled cheese and take a look around. It’s the best damned grilled cheese I’ve had around town and you won’t need ketchup.


Hope you liked the tour and let me know what you think in the comments 🙂


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